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Old Projects
Here are all my old projects and things I have messed around with. Nothing here is supported anymore, but you are free to use anything you like! Enjoy.
Run Away
This is another little game I decided to started up. :)  Basically, it's a one screen per level deal.

I finally have this to a game-like appeal! Player can both die and win! It's crude, but plays ok...

The goal is to get to the brown door and open it. The doors are locked... You must also run away from or kill the bugs! There is no time limit, so you can take your time here. It's a very short game, no sound or music. Enjoy!

Run Away Screenshot

Run Away (One Screen Game!)

 Below are the controls:



Up: Arrow Up Press Up
Down: Arrow Down Press Down
Left: Arrow Left Press Left
Right: Arrow Right Press Right


Space Bar

Button 0

You can download a copy of the game here:  Windows / MacOS X / Linux

I take NO responsibility for any harm done to you from how cheesy it is, nor to your computer! This is an "AS-IS" software package, and you can freely distribute it as long as it remains intact as you originally got it from this site.

Below is the designer I started, but stopped working on in favor of the more robust 2D World Designer. This is what started me on the 2D World Designer. =8D  Sorry, no MacOS version.

Windows Editing Screen Image
Windows Run Away World Designer
Linux Editing Screen Image
Linux Run Away World Designer

Tank Attak
You got it! Atari 2600 Tank remake (only 3 levels)  Linux / Windows

Some simple stuff I did while messing around with a book written by Sloan Kelly

TankAttak Screenshot

Tank Attak (One Screen Game!)

In my edition, I added capability to select Fullscreen or Windowed modes. Other than that, the rest of the code came from the book. The controls are as follows: IN ORDER TO FIRE, THE TANK MUST BE MOVING FORWARD!
GREEN Tank: RED Tank:
Rotate Left Z .
Rotate Right X /
Forward Q ]
Fire A '
Tank vs UFO v1

This is the original game I made when learning OOP in VB.NET 2003, in 2003/2004. It's nothing special, but it runs ok. This uses GDI+ and mmsound - NO DirectX. I never really made it as complete as I wanted, but it does do a good game of 21 with various levels of difficulty!

Title screen

Title screen
Setup screen

Setup screen
Gameplay Screenshot

Gameplay Screenshot

This game only runs on Windows and requires .NET Framework 1.1

Below are the controls:


Left: Arrow Left
Right: Arrow Right
Fire: Space Bar
Pause: ESC
Quit: Click X, then press enter

WebMin:  A complete linux administration tool all done using a web browser. I didn't make this, but it is a very useful application.
Made on Mac